Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos Recently Announced That Over 140,000 Amazon Sellers Are Making $100,000+ Per Year In Sales Using Amazon

There are MILLIONS of products listed on Amazon right now, with that number growing daily.

The opportunity for new sellers to start their own Amazon business is HUGE.

That’s what, Farhan Bakht Author of Amazon Product Sourcing and Selling Strategies, discovered.

Not that long ago, he was working As a Corporate Executive, clocking in ‘full time’ hours (even though he was supposed to only be part time…) And even though both he and his wife were working, they weren’t getting ahead on their mortgage.

He was burned out, exhausted, and looking for a way to get ahead.

That’s when a close friend shared how much money he was making selling simple products on Amazon.

Farhan almost brushed it off – who had time to start a whole NEW IT business anyway – until his friend showed him that his Amazon side project could be done as a ‘side hustle’.

It takes less than 1 hour per day to manage operations, once you get going

You Never need to touch the products you sell

And it has ZERO warehouse, staff, and inventory management

He hopped on board – and in record time, sold 250 different products on Amazon and had huge financial and lifestyle success.

This allowed her to:

Make extra income from almost anywhere in the world in as little as 30 min per day

Allowed her to spend more time with her family and friends so she could never miss the precious moments with them

Have an investor buy one of his Amazon businesses for 1 Million+ USD “retirement advance”

Go traveling and skiing (which is his absolute favorite thing to do)

Get a beautiful home in a little ski town to happily raise his family in

Now Farhan has distilled some of what he’s learned earning money through Amazon, and has created a digital E book you can access right now, so you can get started on your own business.

Inside you’ll find:

The #1 technique to help generate an additional stream of income and enjoy “time freedom”

How she made extra income selling other people’s products on Amazon. This allowed him to quit his day-job much faster

Selling Products Online Made Easie by Amazon: They can handle your product storage and delivery – and even help with your marketing

Products to Avoid: Hre reveals the sort of products He NEVER sells on Amazon, because of the risks involved

And much more.

Get your copy of Amazon Product Sourcing E book.

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